Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism Bi Weekly Contact Lenses 6 Lens Box


Disposability : Bi-weekly


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ACUVUE OASYS Brand Contact Lenses with HYDRACLEAR PLUS Technology helps to
stabilise the tear film, which keeps the eyes wet and reduces dryness. PVP is a wetting
agent built into the lens and helps keep the tear film stable so you can work well in
demanding digital settings. The eyelid stabilised Design (ESD) Technology uses the power of a moving eye to stabilise four areas. This gives excellent comfort and stable vision. Because it keeps your eyes stable and clear all day, even if you live a busy life, it helpsreduce shifting. It is suitable for people who get irritated and uncomfortable from spending too much time in front of a screen or places with harsh conditions like cold air conditioning or dusty, dry air. Seven out of ten people who wear ACUVUE OASYS say it's the comfiest brand they have ever had.

 Content of Water: 38.00%
 Material for Lenses: Senofilcon A (hydrogen gel silicon)
 14.5 mm diameter
 Curve at Base: 8.6 mm
 Duration of Usage: Two Weeks
 Packaging: six lenses per package

Safety Precautions and Expiration Date:
 Before using contact lenses, thoroughly dry your hands after washing them with
handwash and water.
 Contact lenses should always be cleaned delicately with a new solution.
 Ensure that your contact lenses are stored in a clean lens case to prevent infection       or irritation of the eyes.
 Do not wear contacts during the night or while swimming.


Brand:  Acuvue

BC     : 8.60mm

DIA   : 14.5mm

Water Content:  38%

Material: Senofilcon A


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Germany 32 34 36 38 40 42
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China 160/84 165/86 170/88 175/90 180/92 185/94
Jeans 24-25 26-27 27-28 29-30 31-32 32-33

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