Bausch & Lomb Soflens Toric For Astigmatism Contact Lenses (6_Lens Pack)


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For astigmatism, Bausch & Lomb makes the Toric lens. Contact lenses are an innovative and novel method of improving vision for individuals with astigmatism. They come in a handy pack of six lenses and provide clear and stable vision. With precision and new ideas, these glasses were made to solve the unique vision problems that come with astigmatism.The lenses have advanced toric technology that ensures they fit securely on the eye, even if the user is not straight because of astigmatism. By reducing blurriness and distortion caused by refractive mistakes, this design always helps people see. To make them even more comfortable, the lenses have thin edges that let people wear them longer without strain.
Bausch & Lomb Soflens Toric glasses are made from a high-quality material that breathes well and is suitable for your eyes because it lets oxygen get to them. This feature makes them less likely to dry out or irritate the eyes, so people with sensitive eyes can wear them.
These contact lenses are great for daily wear for busy people because they are comfortable and flexible. With the six-lens pack, users can be sure they have enough for a long time, saving them money and time. You can rely on these toric lenses from Bausch & Lomb to correct your astigmatism and improve your general visual experience, whether going about your busy day or doing physical activities.
 Component Alphafilcon A
 Duration of Use: one month
 Curve at Base: 8.6 mm
 14.5 mm diameter
 Content of Water 66.00%
 Packing six lenses in each package


Brand:  Bausch&Lomb

BC     : 8.5mm

DIA   : 14.5mm

Water Content:  66%

Material: Alphafilicon A


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